Skype lessons

Whether you’re getting ready for a new life in Portugal, already there and needing to improve or learn Portuguese or simply studying the language for yourself, taking lessons over skype is a great way to learn.  From the comfort of your home, enjoy lessons without needing to spend time and money travelling.  We can start right from the beginning or build on your existing knowledge of the language, and will go at a pace you are comfortable with.

The lessons will keep you motivated by being interesting, well organised and tailored to you and your needs.  In addition to the audio and screen sharing over an ordinary skype call, we go to the virtual classroom, complete with a virtual whiteboard and the best of the technological teaching tools available today.  In the classes I’ll also share some language learning shortcuts to help you to learn much more efficiently.

Some comments from my online students:

‘Compared to some other online learning Portuguese classes I’ve taken, the varied use of materials is quite helpful and refreshing.’   

‘ to explain things in a way that perhaps a Portuguese teacher who was Portuguese wouldn’t have been able to’

‘I like that I can take this at my own speed and if I needed to go over something it wouldn’t hold anybody else up.’ 

‘you presented it really well and that your pronunciation and everything was great.’ (comment from a Portuguese person listening into a lesson)

‘the half hour flew by and I felt I learned something’ 

‘it was at my speed and didn’t feel pressured at all’

‘I liked the online resources used very much’

‘In a short time, we covered reading, listening, and speaking’

‘The lesson was varied and the content relevant.’

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