Weekly classes

Tuesdays – Ansião

9.30-11am – Speaking workshop class

11-12.30 – Speaking plus class

Wednesdays – Alvaiázere

10.30-12.00 – Speaking workshop class

Thursdays – Chãos, near Tomar

11.00-12.30 Speaking workshop class

Anyone is welcome to join any class at any time as these classes ‘stand alone’.  They are topic based classes where we focus on learning new words and phrases, practising speaking, listening and pronunciation.

The lessons are well prepared and structured and aim to teach and practise language that can be taken away and used in real life. We do activities, games, role plays  in the lessons etc to practise the new language.

The speaking plus is for people who want to challenge themselves a bit more, the listening tracks are faster and the vocabulary etc is more advanced.

Lessons are running at the moment until 18th December 2014.

2015 classes will run 3rd March to 28th May.

Get in touch for more details!


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