Here’s what some of my past and present students have to say about attending classes and courses

“We have found it difficult finding a good Portuguese teacher and after a few false starts came across Emma. From the start we were immensely impressed with the preparation that she puts into each course, and the clarity with which she explains things. At the end of the lesson you have clear notes that you can refer back to, and you feel that you have progressed after each lesson.The lessons are conducted in a very relaxed atmosphere, and no one is intimidated from raising questions. She is endlessly patient and nothing is too much trouble for her. We think that she is our best prospect for making progress with this difficult language, and would definitely recommend her to anyone.”

A&J of Penela


“As a married American couple who have retired permanently to Portugal, we have been conscious of our need to learn the language.  The classes we have taken with Emma have all been very well-organized and highly enjoyable.  Since each lesson is organized around a central theme (travelling, shopping, the world of nature, etc.), we have found it easy to stay focused during class and also to absorb grammar and vocabulary that can actually be put to use.  As a native English-speaker, Emma can understand the many puzzlements that we or others may have and can explain them in ways that make sense.  We have so far learned from her more of the substance and nuances of the Portuguese language than from any other source.  Also, the very reasonable fee she charges has made it a worthwhile and painless investment.  We highly recommend her lessons for those beginning their acquaintance with the language.

Rose & Ken Wagner”


I have been attending Emma’s classes in Ansiao on and off now for 2 years. I am a retired teacher and my husband a retired driving instructor. We look forward to our weekly lessons – there is a relaxed atmosphere in the class – but we have to work hard too. Emma is always well prepared with materials which we take home to work on and lessons are broken up into sections with reading, writing, listening, games and plenty of conversation practice. I find it easy working with Emma as she understands the problems students might have in learning the language and patiently helps everyone with their individual needs. We have also done some of the intensive courses which really help with understanding the grammar. Before coming to Portugal we knew no Portuguese and now can converse with neighbours and get by in many situations (though we still have a long way to go before being fluent – due to our poor memory skills and busy lives).  Great value for money! We will be attending Emma’s classes for a while yet! Ann David

We live in the uk and recently brought a little house in central Portugal, and were keen to learn some language.

I had studied some Spanish before via evening classes, and we had brought CD’s, but were struggling with pronounciation and not really improving or understanding how to approach Portugese language.

Having experienced lessons before, I knew that group learning would be beneficial, and was pleased that our group for level one was quite small. Everyone was friendly, and we were all in a similar position of apprehension! Our backgrounds were varied – some lived full time in Portugal, others, like ourselves, worked/lived elsewhere. Although the majority of the students were English, we had other nationalities amongst us, which I think made the experience even more enjoyable.

The classes were a nice balance of being relaxed and organised. The learning was paced just right, and questions were encouraged. There was a pleasant mix of academic study and tips/useful information shared between students on day to day living in the area. We had worksheets to fill in during lessons, and homework that wasn’t compulsory to do in the evening.

Emma showed great patience and gently encouraged us all with our speech and comprehension – she explained things in an uncomplicated way, allowing us to have a go at speaking without feeling out of our depth. I think we covered a wide range of subjects during our week long course, and this resulted in us having our first proper conversation with a neighbour in Portugese! result!

We have made some lovely friends/contacts from our course – which was an unexpected bonus – and are keen to continue with our learning, and have booked for level two as a result.


Karen and Mark


Dear Emma,

coming into the age of retirement language learning is not that easy any more as it used to be. However you are highly stimulating learning progress, which certainly happens, especially if learning becomes integrated in some routine. You are a very skilled and competent teacher, understand easily the questions without even asking and it is truly a joy following the well prepared lessons. You are always in an excellent mood, reply to questions in a sovereign way and stimulate overcoming learning resistances. And of course it was more than best value for the choice to attend a course or a class and I am looking forward to the next one. I enjoy a triple advantage as my native language is not English.

Muite obrigado,



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